About Mercury Press

Inspiration since 1991

Isaac Hernández and Nancy Black founded Mercury Press International: a media agency that serves magazines, books, periodicals, visual media, and commercial clients with words, images, design, video and promotion in over twenty countries. Their original vision was to create inspiring articles and photographs and to share them all over the world. After more than 20 years, their work has been published in over 300 print publications in 27 countries. Many of the photographs Isaac Hernández has taken over that period are showcased here, available for licensing or as fine art prints. To learn more about the work of Nancy Black, please visit NancyBlack.com. For Isaac's paintings and sculpture, see Isaacart.com.

Mercury Press International serves publications including the Wall Street Journal and El País, Spain’s largest national newspaper. They've appeared on the covers and pages of National Geographic, USA Today, Men's Health, Outdoors, Glamour (Spain), ELLE (Spain), GEO, and others. Here are some clips of published work.

Isaac Hernandez is a master at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera and creating beautiful images. His photographs, videos and stories have been published in hundreds of print and online magazines and newspapers around the world, from Cosmopolitan and National Geographic Traveler to ESPN and The Wall Street Journal.

His experience in film (as director of photography, producer, editor and director), theater, design and conceptual art round up his artistic vision. He’s also passionate about education, volunteering to teach photography and art at local public schools. Isaac has written four plays in collaboration with kids, producing and directing three of them. He holds a BA in Film from Brooks Institute, with studies in history and art at Madrid's Universidad Complutense and at Santa Barbara City College. He was born and raised in Madrid in a publishing family, and speaks fluent English and Spanish, plus Italian and Portuguese.

Clients include: American Airlines Nexos, Alpha Resource Center, Antioch University, Art (Germany), ArtPress (France), Backpacker, Bil Am Sontag (Germany), Diario (Italy), El Mundo (Spain), ESPN magazine, Focus (Italy, Poland, UK), Geo (Spain), Glamour (Spain), Life, Mountain Bike Magazine, Pacific Pride, Planned Parenthood, Playboy (Brazil), Publishing by the Seas, Seattle Weekly, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Stern, Terra (Brazil), UCSB Arts & Lectures, USA Today, Voxxi, Wall Street Journal, and many more. Occasionally, Isaac lends his good eye to couples getting married capturing their weddings with intimacy and charm, as can be seen at PhotographybyIsaac.com.

“I’m an explorer, looking for beauty, not only in the obvious, but also in our human imperfection and absurdity,” says Isaac. “Photography occurs to me like meditation, a reminder to be present to the intimacy of life, and to laugh at myself.”

Nancy Black is passionate about communications that support a thriving world. She earned a BA in Studio Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is an accomplished artist and musician. Her words were first published when she was eight years old. Having been immersed in astrology all of her life, she has published horoscopes daily since 2008, at first assisting her mother Linda Black when she became incapacitated with ovarian cancer, and then taking over the beloved column, in print daily for twenty years then, in 2009. She is proud to continue her mother's legacy. The Linda Black Horoscopes column appears daily to tens of millions of readers, internationally syndicated by Tribune Media Services to over 80 print newspapers (including the Chicago Tribune, Seattle Times, Baltimore Sun, Sacramento Bee, Hoy, Dallas Herald, AM New York, the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald), websites, TV stations, and even new Ford vehicles. Her astrology column can be read daily at lcblack.com

With over a decade spent on non-profit boards, she served as Board President for Pesticide Awareness and Alternatives Coalition (2004-2007), contributing to the near-eradication of pesticide use in city parks and schools in Santa Barbara, and co-producing the California Organic Festival. She currently serve as Media Director for nonprofits The Israel Palestine Project and World Business Academy. She contributes stories to the Tri-Line newsletter for Tri-Counties Regional Services. She has served on the boards of the Visual Arts and Design Academy (VADA) at Santa Barbara High School, and volunteers web design and promotion services for the Gaviota Coast Conservancy and VoteYesonP.org (Santa Barbara Water Guardians). She has participated with Landmark Education since 1974.